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Dear Wauseon Fireman's Association Supporter,

The Wauseon Fire Department responded to 1284 calls for help from the community throughout 2014.  Calls consisted of 962 rescues, 111 fires, 72 injury accidents and 139 mutual aid calls from other communities.  The Wauseon Fire Department consists of 31 men and women and when called upon by the community we are there to help.  We are now calling on you, the community, for your help!

The Wauseon Fireman's Association has provided free smoke detectors to each Wauseon first grade student, given CPR training classes and tours of the fire department to school classes and organizations.  We have spoke at numerous public events throughout the community during the year.  The fire department attends all home football games providing EMS care as well as Homecoming railroad track watch, overnight fire watch at the Fulton County Fair and numerous parades throughout the region.  

The Wauseon Fire Department is sensitive to the current economic conditions and we want you to know that we are totally committed to the community with regards to funds that we collect and  we will strive to maintain a vigilant and aggressive approach to watch-guard the donations that are entrusted to the Wauseon Fireman's Association.

Any Wauseon Firefighter will be pleased to give you a personal tour of the Fire Hall, trucks, and equipment.  The Wauseon Fire Department is very proud of the excellent caliber of equipment that we work with daily.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your financial support today, so that we may better serve the community tomorrow!!


Members of the Wauseon Fireman's Association


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