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Friday, January 29, 2016


Heather Kost, Director, Fulton County EMA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 419-337-9207 ext. 5
Cost: Free



2 Day Propane Management Instruction

HazMatIQ Tactics: Propane

Propane emergencies remain one of the most common, and most deadly, hazmat incidents responders face.  To date, over 25 responders have been killed at propane emergencies. 

This 16 hour course will prepare responders to safely mitigate a propane emergency, including tactical considerations, container assessment, leak control options, and flaring operations.   Each student will receive a set of PropaneIQ Smart Charts with a diagram of each propane vessel, along with potential countermeasures for each leak point.


Classroom, On-Site and On-Line HazMat/WMD Training


Day 1: Propane Behavior and DOT Propane Cylinders

Day one is an 8 hour training day, and is 50% hands on.  Classroom will include interactive lecture, PowerPoint presentation, video case studies, and tactical discussions.  Practical will include propane behavior demo, DOT cylinder anatomy, and propane hardware/valve identification challenge.


Day 2: ASME Propane Tanks and Flaring Operations

Day two is an 8 hour training day, and is 50% hands on.  Classroom will include interactive lecture, Powerpoint presentation, video case studies, and tactical discussions. The practical session will include anatomy of ASME tanks, followed by practical skill stations for leak control and flaring.  Flaring skill station will include accessing propane vessels, proper flare set up, safety guidelines, and flaring liquid vs vapor.


HazMatIQ, LLC is a revolutionary hazardous materials response training company that teaches responders how to think at hazmat emergencies. Using an innovative approach based on the predictability of chemistry, HazMatIQ prepares responders by educating them on the threats as well as the equipment required to safely respond to any CBRNE incident. HazMatIQ courses can be custom designed around your meters and PPE. Utilizing easy to understand lessons and intuitive Smart Charts, responders gain battle proven skills and confidence in themselves and their equipment.

The HazMatIQ system is borne of the real-world experiences of professional responders. All courses are designed and taught by first responders for responders. It’s direct and common sense approach enables responders to gain a career’s worth of knowledge in 8 hours.

HazMatIQ is the creation of Cris Aguirre and Joe Gorman, who have over 50 years combined experience as fire and hazmat first responders. The HazMatIQ system has been taught across the United States since 2006 to thousands of responders. Additionally, classroom sessions are now being taught worldwide in Argentina, Canada, India, and Puerto Rico.



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