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"To me, there's only 5 real jobs in America: Police Officers, Teachers, Firefighters, Doctors, and the Military Service"
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2019 Chevrolet Silverado

Utility 805

1988 Chevrolet Grumann Box Van

ALS8-(Medic 82)

2017 Chevrolet G4500 Remount

B1G Chief's Truck

2016 Chevrolet Tahoe, Command Officer response vehicle.

ALS8-(Medic 81)

2016 Horton Ambulance, Ford F-450

Medic Eight-Five

2014 Horton Ambulance, Ford F-450

Utiltity 804

2013 Chevrolet Pickup, used a utility truck at fire scenes and for inspections.

Brush 809

1998 American General HMMWVV, Holds 200 Gallons of water.

Engine 807

2011 Pierce Rescue Pumper,1500 GPM pump, and 1000 Gallons of water. First engine due on all fire runs.

Tanker 803

2005 Pierce Fire Truck, 1250 GPM Pump, 3000 Gallons of water.

Ladder 808

2006 Pierce 100' Aerial Tower, 2000 GPM Pump, 300 Gallons Water.

Engine 802

Engine 802 is a 1999 Pierce Pumper. It holds 1200 gallons of water and has a 1500GPM pump. 802 is first due for mutual aid injury accidents/structure fires and second due for Wauseon structure fires.

Engine 806

1986 Spartan, 1500 GPM Pump, 1250 Gallons of Water.

1916 Seagrave Pumper

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